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How to upgrade or downgrade raspberrypi’s kernel? (Servoblaster problem Raspberry Pi2)

How to upgrade or downgrade raspberrypi’s kernel?

Lately, I got some problems with servoblaster and some other softwares because of the kernel version. That is why sometimes it is good idea to have previous kernels rather than very last one. To solve these kind of problems we can downgrade linux kernel.

For those who had problem with servoblaster on raspberrypi2, servoblaster DID work on kernel 4.0.9 ! !!


Here how we downgrade(upgrade) our kernel to a specific kernel with rpi-update.

First, install rpi-update

sudo apt-get install rpi-update


Then, go to the firmware repository of rpi: https://github.com/Hexxeh/rpi-firmware/commits/master

Find your kernel version. I will install 4.09 so here how I do:

2015-09-29 15_46_00-Photos

Then get the git hash as shown in the following image:

2015-09-29 15_53_08-Photos

After copying the git hash, type this in the terminal:

sudo rpi-update  46d179597370c5145c7452796acbee0f1ff93392->This is kernel 4.0.9’s git hash you should use the one that you copied.

You should get something like in the following image:

2015-09-29 15_42_32-pi@raspberrypi_ ~

Then reboot your system.